Monday, 29 March 2010

The wooden keys that have been hanging in the window for the last couple of weeks have been taken down, and were replaced this week with one of the Our Story prints and a bit of an elegantly minimal display of eggs ( ... some didn't make it to the window ), along with the ever popular My Adventure tile. The chocolate eggs were provided by our favourite sweet shop Suck and Chew

You might recognise Bertie, our Dog Of The Week from a couple of weeks ago. I'm pleased to say that his was amongst many familiar faces this weekend. It was very busy on Sunday but happily there was still the opportunity to have a good chat. It's also always a pleasure to talk to people who are visiting the shop for the first time, and perhaps not so familiar with Rob's work. It's often the case that once people start reading Rob's words, we start to hear their stories too, which is lovely and also very touching.

Friday, 26 March 2010

Another weekend, another adventure.....
I so look forward to the weekends, never quite sure what the weather will be like or what flowers the stall holders will bring. But, we can always be sure to have a steady stream of people in the shop.
A lot of visitors have become very familiar faces over the past year and a half, and of course it's always lovely to see people come back again and again to see what's new and to say hello.
This weekend we have this beautiful new laser cut, "Our Adventure Is About To begin". We have 50 all signed and numbered from an edition of 250 and they are £60 each.

How gorgeous is this. We haven't had this particular print in the shop before, but now we have 14, each one a different colourway and all signed and numbered, and each one from an edition of only 3!
The print is called Our Story.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

With so many beautiful plants to choose from along Columbia Road each Sunday, it's impossible to imagine the shop ever being flowerless. However I'll come clean and say these striking tulips were supermarket bought on Saturday because I couldn't wait. They were joined on Sunday by the auricula's you'll see further down. They were from Nick who has a stall outside Idonia Van Der Bijl, a few doors along from us.
If you have visited the shop over the last couple of weeks you may have noticed that we have decorated the window with laser cut images, like this one, from Rob's 2010 calendar...
.....and this is what the lasercuts look like after they have been sprayed with colour but before being assembled into calendars.
We are very nearly out of our lovely spring 'this bell' cushions so I thought I'd put this photograph up as a reminder. BUT.... we are looking forward to lots more brand new and exciting things in the shop over the coming weeks. I'm also aiming to master all the blogging technicalities ( no more click to reduce images...! ) and keep you posted two or three times a week, so do keep coming back.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Kids Company and The Bryan Adams Foundation are hosting an auction and exhibition of Shoebox Art created by 40 established artists, including Rob, and children from London schools and Kids Company centres. The exhibition opens at The Haunch of Venison tomorrow 19th March, and runs until 23rd March.
Since Ryantown opened we have had a box on the counter for people to donate coins in exchange for a badge. The designs change to reflect something new in the shop or a special event that is happening. The badges are really popular, as is the choice of charity where all your donations go, which is Kids Company

...i thought I might slip these in and see if anyone noticed. These were some of my great loves in badge form when I was a child.
I think I'm right in saying that money raised from the Famous Five Club, and therefore badges like this one, went to a children's
charity in Beaconsfield. So! there is some relevance to the rest of this post.

Monday, 15 March 2010

Decided to fill the shop with these very pale tulips, I think they worked well with the walnut keys that we have hanging in the window.

Sunshine, Mother's Day, and the flower market. A guaranteed crowd puller. This was the view from the shop window. Every time I looked out it was like this.

It was by far the busiest Sunday of the year along Columbia Road yesterday...

...this was during one of the quieter moments.
I've never been much of a dog fan to be honest, but we have so many lovely and well behaved hounds visiting the shop that I'm beginning to be won over. This is BERTIE, he's a 9 month old Tibetan Terrier. Bertie came into the shop with his family yesterday and Sarah and I were both smitten. The photograph doesn't do him justice at all, but trust me, he was totally gorgeous and is definitely the Ryantown Dog Of The Week.

Monday, 8 March 2010

This is Rob's 2010 St.Patrick's day card. And for anyone who isn't aware... WEDNESDAY 17th is St.Patrick's day!!
The card is a hand printed, signed edition of 60 priced at £20 each. We have a few still available in Ryantown.

There are so many reasons I love being in the shop at the weekends.
Not everybody that visits us on a Saturday is aware that Columbia Road on a Sunday is an entirely different place, brought to life by the sight, sound and smell of the weekly flower market.
I love wandering down the street before we open early on Sunday mornings. This week I bought these beautiful 'Katherine Hodgeson' Irises from Lyndon, whose stall outside TREACLE always has the most wonderful plants.

Despite my inclination towards minimalism, I do sometimes find it hard to choose just what to display in the window.
So that's why, this weekend, we had almost everything!

The two signed editions of 'I Think That You Are Wonderful' pretty much sold out straight away. But.... we do have a few samples in a selection of beautiful colours. All signed and priced at £47 each, they are available in the shop only.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Hello Rob here! Sorry this blog has been inactive for a while. Cynthia who runs the shop is going to be taking it over so it will be the beginning of a new era!!!!!