Monday, 26 July 2010

We had a lovely weekend in the shop. Somehow peaceful and chaotic at the same time. I think what made it particularly enjoyable were the conversations. This weekend was full of them. I do love it when people come back to show us their new babies, or introduce us to the friend they bought a tile for, or come by specially to say how much they loved their print. We also had lots of four legged visitors. Three month old french bulldog Atom was happy to gaze directly at the camera to have his photograph taken.

Friday, 16 July 2010

There are a few new paper cuts in the shop this weekend, including these two. 'Two birds' and 'You are my Universe'.
'Moons Circle Planets and Planets Circle Stars, Galaxies Rotate Eternally and You and I Circle Each Other. For You Are My Universe Entirely and I Will Always Be Yours'. Still my favourite.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Here is Linus, a Dutch Beagle who came into Ryantown last Sunday with his camera shy friend, Barney the Border Terrier. I suppose, given past blog posts, I should confess that my enthusiasm in watching (Arsenal play) football and the affection I feel for the dogs that come into Ryantown is not supported by any real knowledge of either. I could no sooner explain the offside rule as recognise a breed of dog. So, that's why after I stroked and scratched the ears of this gorgeous creature I had to ask the owner.
Well really......where did the week go? Sorry to keep all you caption competitors on tenterhooks, but let me announce the winner now. CONGRATULATIONS TASHA!! And here for your amusement is Tasha's winning entry...." Even under threat of a red card, Jeremy couldn't help heckling the ref with Allen Ginsberg jokes". It still makes me laugh ( sorry Rob x ). A selection of carefully chosen and exclusive bits and pieces will be making their way over to Nashville very soon. Thank you to everybody else for all the other great entries.

Friday, 9 July 2010

Brand new in the shop this weekend is a beautiful needlepoint wallhanging designed by Rob for The Rug Company. Entirely handmade and measuring 100cm x 103cm it really is quite stunning.
We had a bit of a peonie thing going on in the shop last weekend, I bought so many as they were all so beautiful and I couldn't decide on a colour. And it was SO warm we could watch them opening up almost like a living time lapse photograph. Anyway... thank you for all your entries to the Ryantown Caption Competition that have been emailed to me. I didn't realise you would all be too shy to post them on the blog! The winner will be announced after this Sunday's World Cup Final.