Thursday, 26 June 2008

There'll be signed copies of my book!


Annie Mole said...

I got two of your lovely cards Rob & a book and was the lady who didn't have her card on her as I asked for your picture. Feel free to send me a picture for my blog post if you like

It was a pleasure to meet you!

Calistro said...

Hi Rob

Will you be making more of your stuff available on etsy? I saw a gorgeous card on your other blog that I'd love to buy but unfortunately I can't get to London on a Sunday. Also I was gutted to see you don't have any tiles with the eggs and the 'beginning of a wonderful adventure' inscription. I was waiting until pay day to buy one and now they're gone. Are they coming back? Could you let me know?

Thank you!

Paul Bommer said...

hey there rob
great news about the shop
a big big congratulations
good luck today
and hopefully we'll get to pop in later this afternoon
weren't you dj'ing last night? busy man!
paul x

Zoe said...

it's nice to know u are going to open a lovely shop in London, unfortunately I'm not study in the UK anymore, and I really like your works, they are awesome!!! I do introduce you to the friends around me, and they love the way you present your ideas, too!
I have got your "this is for you" in Taiwan, I hope if one day I could fly to visit your cozy shop in London, you may kindly sign on my book for me!