Sunday, 27 June 2010

It has just occurred to me that this could be the perfect time to post this photograph and introduce Ryantown's first ( and probably last ) CAPTION COMPETITION.
Taken at the Ryantoon opening last October, we can see Ref Rob about to pull out the red card.... Sunday's World Cup events must have given you plenty of material, so post a comment or email me at
The winner will receive a Ryantown goodie bag.


mars2001 said...

Here's a couple ideas I had for your competition:

"And here comes Hurst. He's got ... some people are on the pitch - they think it's all over. It is now! Wait! Rob is reaching for a card!"


maybe he's trying to be helpful...
and pointing [a young] Pavlos Joseph to the toilet :). (I guess the quote for that would be 'See, next to the dressing room - the toilet is over there. If you see Beckham, give him my regards!')

But, if I had to choose a quote for myself that combines how I feel about Rob's work & football, I'd have to borrow part of Hornby's intro:

I fell in love with football as I would later fall in love with Ryantown: suddenly, uncritically, giving no thought to the pain it would bring.

[it's tough to be 7500km away from my favorite store in the world!]

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

a goodie bag? just as good as that cute little big shop of yours? and then a shop full of heady peonies... my... shame i live across the channel, d**n. i can't just pop in...