Monday, 25 October 2010

So, it's goodbye to the Jazmine Miles - Long exhibition that has been up in Ryantown for the past few weeks. We had an incredible response to her beautiful work from visitors to the shop, so thank you Jazmine. And thank you also to the little boy who came by to donate his conkers to our window display! Next weekend our walls will be filled to bursting point with rob's prints and papercuts again.
...our dog of the week this week has got to be sleepy Otto, a beautiful hungarian vizsla, who has an equally gorgeous older sister, Birdy, who wouldn't keep still long enough for an in-focus photograph ( though me and Birdy are old friends and she is my favourite dog in the whole world, so maybe next time ).

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Hazel Nicholls said...

I love the photos of the dogs on the blog!
I really really want one - but this way I can daydream and I don't have to make the difficult decision of a breed! x