Friday, 19 June 2009

My new two colour screenprint Everything That Is celebrates the first year of my London based shop Ryantown. They are limited edition of 111 and shall be selling for £111 each so get one whilst you can! Available this weekend.

Each print is signed by me, reads "1st Year of Ryantown" and is editioned. They are also available to buy from my Etsy shop.


Spadazzle said...

I saw your stuff recently at the Afternoon Tea Store in Japan and then later I was talking with some friends and they started showing me the stuff they bought with your design! I told them- I think I read his blog :) wow!!! Congrats, they loved the stuff!

Stephanie said...


I really want to buy one of your 'Everything that is' for my husband for our 1st wedding anniversery but can not get to your shop. Is there anyway that I can buy it via mail please?

My contact details are:
07866561088 or

Thank you