Monday, 15 June 2009

We have lovely new mugs for sale which are £15 each.

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mattmatt said...

Hey Rob,

As ever, more beautiful design. Top work.

I'm trying to get in touch with you having spoken to Will at 'Ifyoucould' and a truly fantastic print you did for them 'No minute gone ever comes back again'. I've just been given the wonderful privilege of being made godfather to my friends'twins and literally can't think of anything more beautiful or fitting to adorn their bedroom wall.

And as for the extraordinary Godfather browny points I'd win into the bargain, well let's not even get into that.

Ifyoucould only had the ones they sold out of through the site and suggested getting in touch with you direct.

Would be delighted to pop along to the shop on Saturday if that helps at all.

My email is or feel free to call me on 07939 13 22 09

Matt x