Monday, 26 April 2010

I think I must be developing some kind of attention deficit disorder. It was supposed to be quite straightforward, post an image of the new badge that's been made to mark Rob's presence at PICK ME UP at Somerset House. I was looking at the badge and was reminded of Wham's 'wake me up before you go go' and then that reminded me of the video. But I couldn't remember if that was the video that Rob, myself and many, many other RCA students had found ourselves as extra's in, many, many years ago. SO... of course I had to find out and consequently have spent the best part of the day watching every Wham video available on youtube. And actually quite enjoying it. (and in case you're dying to know, it was 'edge of heaven'. yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah....)


Ellen said...

You were in a Wham video?! I have to see this!

Ryantown said...

It was a VERY large crowd of extra's! x

Sarah said...

Will the products from your shop be sold on-line? The current items sold on-line are very limited. Thx.