Thursday, 8 April 2010

Sunday, when the flower market is on, has always been the big day along Columbia Road, but Saturday's are always interesting too. The street is quieter and the shopping experience calmer, which some people prefer. Last Saturday I had a long conversation with someone who was visiting from Mexico. He had come to England particularly to watch Arsenal play Barcelona and to Columbia Road especially to visit Ryantown. A dedicated Rob Ryan fan AND a Gooner, he was quite clearly a man of impeccable taste.
This weekend we will be open as usual on Saturday and Sunday and have lots of new things for you including this fantastic tote bag, which is perfect for any occasion. Including football matches.


LC said...

I am an avid fan of Rob Ryan's work in CA, USA.

I would like to know how often you put things for sale on or if there is the possibility to buy the items shown in the blog.

Please let me know, and best wishes, your work, your store and all of you guys do amazingly beautiful things

Ryantown said...

thanks so much.
if you get the chance to mail me, please do, then i can give you a more lengthy and specific answer!