Thursday, 1 April 2010

When asked, I once described Ryantown as being a small shop with big emotions. Love being the most obvious one. We laugh a lot in the shop, but sometimes there are tears. Something in particular in a certain piece of work that might move a customer so much they start to cry. I'm not immune, once I found it particularly hard to let go of a paper cut someone had just bought. They really loved it too of course but I took ever such a long time to wrap it up and hand it over!
This weekend we will have another new print in the shop, You Are My Universe, and it's a just as well we have a few of them because this is definitely the one that moves me right now.


Laura said...

The Universe print is absolutely gorgeous, is this for sale, if so how much is it please?

Ryantown said...

hello laura,
thanks for your message.
this particular print is £300 unframed. we do have a few in the shop, all signed and numbered. if there's anything else you'd like to ask please feel free to email me.